In Ontario, CA this racist white lady who was running for city council in Fontana recorded and posted a video where she approached a family’s house for having a mexican flag in the front yard and verbally harrassed them. “Is that a mexican flag? this is america.” She told them that having that flag up was against city code and they could face fines, which the city attorney denied.

Video here:

There was a huge backlash and she was fired from her job 👏 and is getting death threats and she said shes scared. 😂

Lol should have thought twice before she made her ignorant ass video, bet that bitch wouldnt have said shit if it were a european country flag in that family’s front yard.

This is her facebook, send her a nice message if you wish. :)

Haha pendeja lol




fucken hell  :(

My heart

this has me in tears

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